Coffee roastery and coffee import

Coffee is our passion! We import green coffee and roast this coffee in our restaurant.

We solely sell coffee from the best plantains and we place great value on the ways of production considering both the farmer and nature.

For us coffee is like what wine is for the sommelier. A product of nature which gets a particular taste depending on the season, climate and the production ways. Coffee is a true seasonal product, and therefore will never be exactly the same. However, at Aloha we’re not looking for the standard flavors.

We work with small harvest, therefore we change coffee regularly and we explore new flavors on regular basis.

To cook with coffee

Coffee is more to us than a just drink. With the dishes from our restaurant we like to show other ways you can use coffee.

An example is our coffee-mayonnaise, which we serve with our bitterballs. In the basement of Tropicana mushrooms are grown on our coffee grounds. These mushrooms are used again in our kitchen for the bitterballs and served in our restaurant, together with our homemade coffee mayonnaise, produced with remaining espresso-shots.

Besides that we use cascara, a by-product of coffee, which has fruity tones and natural sugars in it. We use the cascara as a replacement for sugar in our kitchen and in our Aloha ice tea.

Coffee for at home or work

Would you like to know more, get some advice on good coffee or would you like to do a tasting or cupping workshop?
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Do you have a coffee-bar, restaurant, store of office and are you inspired by our coffee? We would love to explore the options for perfect coffee in your company.